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Updated: Mar 2

Before Dropping Off Your Taxes:

Do Not Delay your Income Tax Refund!

Please complete the Credits Form and Sign and Date and bring in with your Tax Paperwork.

1. We need to Know about the Recovery Rebate Credit (Also known as Stimulus #3) amount you received between March and December 2021. No Guessing!!! This will delay your refund. If you received the IRS Letter that is being mailed out, please bring that. Please provide us with the accurate information.

2. Child Tax Credit Advance Payments you received if you have dependents age 17 or under. Please research back through your bank accounts and record the exact payment you received. If you received any letters from the IRS, please bring that letter. Please provide us with the accurate information.

If you cannot print this form, we can email or regular mail a copy to you via US Postal Service. Please call the office and ask for The Credits Form (330) 745-8324

Client Questionnaire.xlsx - Credit Questionnaire web
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